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Drug Product CDMO Services

Synergizing with Small Molecule API and Intermediates CDMO Services

Drug Product CDMO Services

About Our Drug Product Services

Synergizing with US site for global clients, Porton has established end-to-end drug product CDMO platform, integrating global experts and formulation development technologies. The core technology team has experience of over 30 years in big pharma companies and drug product industry. The core R&D, technology and production team has over 10-year hands-on experience in R&D, process development, tech transfer and optimization, life cycle management of innovative and generic drugs. Based on QbD principle, Porton pharmatech provides services from process development, through analytical development and IND filling support for global innovators with solving real issues during development and manufacturing and accelerating from clinics to market.

Porton Pharmatech focused in drug product development and manufacturing capability and technology platform, synergy with API CDMO to provide end to end drug product service. Aiming to provide excellent customer-oriented services start from preformulation to commercialization and life cycle management.

Drug Product Platform

Porton provides drug formulation development and manufacturing finished dosage including tablets, capsules, sachets, injections and other complicated dosage.

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