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Client Oriented Program Management

Based on its project management experience in providing long-term CMO services to Johnson & Johnson, Gilead, GSK and other leading pharmaceutical companies, Porton has continuously optimized to form excellent internal project system management capabilities, committed to providing all partners with high-quality product delivery, efficient and transparent communication and product life cycle management services.

Procurement & Logistics

  • Porton Biologics assigns an experienced program manager to each client and project, who is responsible for internal and external communication and coordination, and will work closely with the operations groups to ensure delivery of high-quality drug product and data.
  • Our Program Managers work closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of project requirements and major value drivers.
  • Our Program Manager ensures daily communication and interaction with the client’s project team, and provides timely progress reports and other types of data with full transparency. We understand the complexities of biologics product development. Our teams work collaboratively with clients to proactively identify and mitigate project risks, while uncovering opportunities to prudently remove bottlenecks and accelerate speed to regulatory milestones and market.
  • As a 100% customer-centric CDMO, we regularly collect client feedback using a formal scorecard system, while working hard to resolve any issues and relentlessly focusing on continuous improvement.

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