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Expand small and medium-scale CDMO production capacity


March 10th, 2022, Shanghai · China - Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. announced that it is to acquire 100% equity of China Gateway Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Gateway Pharmaceutical"), a CDMO platform under ChemPartner PharmaTech Co., Ltd.


Gateway Pharmaceutical is located at Fengxian District, Shanghai. The site covers a total area of about 64,480m2. The first phase of the project covering an area of about 32,495 m2 has been completed and put into use. There is currently a pilot workshop with the capacity of 72m³, a number of process development laboratories and kilogram laboratories with an area of 14,500 m2, an office building, warehouses and other auxiliary facilities.


The acquisition of Gateway Pharmaceutical will be an effective supplement to Porton's CRO capability. In addition, with the help of the geographical coordination between Gateway Pharmaceutical and Porton Shanghai R&D Center, the CRO project can achieve efficient linkage of R&D and production. We welcome Gateway Pharmaceutical to join Porton and expect that it will support further implementation of Porton's end-to-end CDMO strategy through further integration in governance, operations, and business.


The signing ceremony was held today in the Fengxian site of Gateway Pharmaceutical.



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