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Chongqing China, February 10, 2022--Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. (Porton) today announced it will expand its API CDMO production capacity with approximately RMB 260 million investment in Changshou site, Chongqing in order to capture growing market demand from our global pharmaceutical clients.


There will be around 142.6m³ reactors being installed in the new workshop 301. This will further support small to medium sized commercial GMP intermediate projects. The new workshop is expected to put into use in March 2023 and will increase the capacity in Changshou site by 16%.


Since the operation of WS109 in June 2021, Porton has started upgrading its manufacturing capabilities towards automation and intelligence. WS301 will be the second intelligent workshop of Porton. By the combination of multifunctional hardware and DCS systems, WS301 is designed to achieve equipment compatibility, reliability and safety to meet the requirements of projects as many as possible.  


In the past three years, Porton made concentrated efforts to improve our integrated competitiveness and increase our market share. The annual revenue increased from RMB 1.5 billion to RMB 3 billion. We will still maintain investments in new capacity, talents, technology, etc. in the years to come to achieve greater success in the CDMO industry.



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