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IP Protection

IP policy

Porton is fully committed to protect the client's IP and ensure the confidentiality of their projects strictly.

IP strategy

  • Porton will continuously strengthen the IP protection measures with HR management, IT management, Document management, Policy process management, to create a solid IP protection environment.
  • Porton undertakes to keep all project information that provided by both parties in cooperation with clients or newly generated based on the project confidential, and will not provide the above information to a third party or use it for other purposes other than the agreement without the permission of clients.
  • Porton promises that it will not apply for a patent separately for inventions and creations derived from client's technical information without the permission of clients. Client technical information includes: technical documents, e-mails, meeting information and other information formally or informally provided by the clients.
  • Porton promises that it will not produce any product which infringes IP.

IP Management Organization

Porton has established a special department of intellectual property management.

Physical Security

Confidentiality areas are divided according to confidentiality level, protected by entrance guard management and perimeter security system, and monitored by omnidirectional camera without dead angle.

Human Resource Security

Porton strictly implements the management standards prior to employment, during employment and after dimission. Prior to employment, the intellectual property backgroundinvestigationand intellectual property statement shall be made by new employees. When signing a labor contract, the confidentiality agreement and competition restriction agreement will be signed; at the time of termination of employment, an assessment of the practice of competition restriction agreements will be conducted. During employment, employees shall strictly follow the signed confidentiality agreement.

Asset Security

The protection level, responsible person, usage management and scrapping of assets in information security shall be clarified to ensure the security of assets and related information

Information Security in Project Management

In the whole process of project management, all procedures from client inquiry to project approval and development, from R&D to commercial production, and then to transportation and delivery, the information sharing and transmission shall be scientifically managed to ensure the security of information to the greatest extent.

Third-Party Security

Through the management of suppliers, outsourcing units, contractors and agents, intellectual property background investigation, confidentiality agreements signing and intellectual property audits, etc., shall be carried out to reduce the risk of infringement and information leakage.

IT System Security

Ensure the security of IT system from aspects of IT system, software development and maintenance, communication, mobile devices and telecommuting.

Business Continuity Management

Ensure that all management requirements of intellectual property are consistent with the strategy of Porton and can continuously meet the needs of business development by formulating continuity rules, improving and enhancing the management mechanism.

Processing and Review of Information Security

The internal and external review mechanism for information security has been established to solve information security problems in a scientific and effective way.

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