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Breaking Drug Development Bottlenecks via Enabling Technologies

Crystallization technologies are bridges between drug substances and drug products enabling consistent safety and efficacy profiles of small molecule based medicines. To fully utilize existing tools and develop better new methodologies for solving bottleneck problems in new drug development, the Center for Pharma Crystallization at J-Star Research (wholly owned subsidiary of Porton) launches its first annual conference, jointly with XtalPi.

As we ascend the scale of scrutiny of a drug substance, it starts at the molecular level with single crystal structures each with distinct physicochemical and mechanical properties. Discovery of new crystalline solids, pre-formulation evaluation of lead solid forms, development of robust and efficient crystallization processes, and engineering of DS particles with desired formulation properties can be accelerated with deeper fundamental understanding and enhanced application of existing and new technologies.


Smarter Solid State Research via Prediction and Simulation

Physical Property Based Crystallization Process Development

Particle Engineering and DS-DP Co-Processing

Partnering for addressing challenges of today and the future


October 7-8, 2020, online (live)

Program details with registration will be available in Mid-June, 2020

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